Bishop Soto Records Pro-Prop. 8 Message, God Laughs

Got a voicemail yesterday in Spanish from Diocese of Sacramento Bishop Jaime Soto urging us wabs to vote sí on Proposition 8 to protect the children, and I spit out the carnitas I was devouring from laughing so hard. Bishop Soto cares for children? The man who, while serving in his hometown Diocese of Orange, helped send off the county's most-notorious pedophile to a Tijuana children's ministry and wrote a letter on behalf of Andrew Christian Andersen, another notorious pedo-priest? Somewhere, God laughs and prepares a muy caliente spot in the afterlife for Soto.

Ed Velazquez at The Liberal OC also got this robocall and laughed, although for a different reason. Note to Laurie Cunningham, who's directing the Yes on 8 outreach effort to Latinos and is the wife of OC Blog head Matt “Jubal” Cunningham–gotta do better research! Not all us wabs prefer Spanish to English, as you very well know.

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