Birthers Cling to Case With an OC Connection Claiming Obama is Ineligible to be President

​Political Vel Craft (“Veil of Politics”) is an amazing site with ads against the climate change “con,” a link to the U.S. Debt Clock and blanket coverage of the WikiLeaks-exposed marriage between the United Kingdom and The Illuminati. There's also a call for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts to intervene on behalf of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who is being court-martialed for refusing to serve under Barack Obama. The military man seems destined to lose his “courageous” legal quest to have Obama declared ineligible to be Commander in Chief, laments the site.

But Political Vel Craft notes in another post that a separate birther case still has legs, thank you very much, and that one has an Orange County connection.

No, it doesn't involve a loony Zsa Zsa Gabor impersonator.

Wiley Drake

Think back to when you first heard about these birther challenges, before you'd even heard of Orly Taitz, and you'll recall that Buena Park's controversial man of God Wiley Drake was also suing Obama on grounds the Prez was born in Kenya.

OC Weekly Coverage of Orly Taitz and Gary Kreep

If memory serves, that one was initiated before Obama had even been inaugurated, or at least right around that time. However, unlike so many other birther suits that have been tossed like yesterday's newspaper, the case Drake is involved in has “standing.”

That is, Drake–the homeless-helping, homo-hating head of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park–and former U.S. Ambassdor to the United Nations Alan Keyes were potentially harmed by a supposedly ineligible candidate in the 2008 presidential race because Keyes and Drake topped the ticket of another party, says the conservative San Diego attorney who represents the pair.

“Obama Eligibility Case Before The Ninth Circuit Court: Barnett v. Obama NO. 09-56827” includes this quote United States Justice Foundation Executive Director Gary Kreep made to World Net Daily: “According to case law, candidates have standing to challenge the eligibility of other candidates. The Department of Justice, which is handling Obama's defense, is not even addressing standing. They're saying it's a political question and therefore shouldn't be decided by the courts.”

OC Weekly on Wiley Drake's War on Obama

Never mind that the U.S. Attorney's response to the complaint is filled with words like “false,” “frivilous” and “fanciful,” or that the official recommendation is that the case be dismissed. That it's still kicking and scheming provides birthers a glimmer of hope.

And, should the case ultimately fail before the Supremes, Kreep already has an excuse that he lays out oh so well: Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor should have recused themselves because Kagan could have advised the president in previous birther cases and Sotomayor could have influenced previous rulings as an appellate justice.

Besides, both were appointed by an ineligible president. And The Illuminati.

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