Birthday Cake Trees By Game at the Reserve: Our Toke of the Week!

Photo by the Butcher

What better way to celebrate my birthday than by smoking the highly-rated Indica Birthday Cake. With more and more strains being developed the choices are almost unlimited, not a bad thing at all, but sometimes it is a bit of a guessing game when choosing the right strain. Last year the Compton rapper the Game became an active partner at The Reserve dispensary in SanTana, he came in for a signing and was so impressed he immediately made it known he wanted to invest in the SanTana dispensary. The Game has also developed his own strain of high end flower named Trees by Game, which is exclusive to The Reserve.

I have a week’s worth of festivities planned for my birthday so I purchased Birthday Cake and went home to test this perfectly named cannabis. The buds are very dense and sticky, not as pungent as some other high end weed, and it had a pleasant aroma and smoked very smooth, slightly sweet. I’ve smoked the Glue strains but this was noticeably stronger. Four hits, I’m becoming somewhat paralyzed, no kidding! The next thing I know I’m passing out while I’m sitting down! Whoa! Wake up Robert!

I’ve honestly have never smoked anything so potent, I was as high as when I would have an edible, but I was never out of control, it was enjoyable and super relaxing. Birthday Cake is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie two very strong strains. If you’re not looking to get super high do not indulge so much, just a few hits will do, if you are looking to space out, GO FOR IT! Ha! Happy Birthday to Me!

Available at the Reserve, 2911 S. Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana. (949) 238-4203. Price: $50 per eighth.

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