Binh Dan Gets Some LA Weekly Love!

Our sister paper LA Weekly has always had a strange relationship with Orange County. Every once in a while, it'll write news stories about happenings in the county, even though, you know, we're OC and it's LA. It's less so on the food side of things–I think the only OC restaurant Mr. Gold ever reviewed was the old Thai Nakorn in Buena Park, although he knows the happenings of OC food because, you know, he's Jonathan G–d.

So it was a pleasant surprise that Squid Ink's (our sister food blog) Elina Shatkin devoted a post earlier this week to our favorite Vietnamese goat dive: Binh Dan in Westminster.

Shatkin–who keeps promising she'll come to OC to try the taco acorazado–loved the Vietnamese dive, but especially enjoyed the goat's-blood Jello, describing it as “so spectacularly and vividly red, it's like Technicolor dropped acid.” We're glad you liked it, Elina, but call next time you're in OC so the other Forkers and I can tag along!

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