Ex-OC Lawman-Turned-Artist Mocks Anti-Donald Trump Crowd With New Book

Bill Hunt—once a San Clemente police chief and Orange County Sheriff’s Department lieutenant who is nowadays a professional artist—this week published a “children’s book for adults” that mocks what he sees as the liberal temper tantrum to Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

Spoofing Dr. Seuss’ 1960 classic, Green Eggs and Ham, Hunt’s 64-page cartoon, A Lib I Am: An Adult Reader About Children, tells the story of how a grouchy old man, “Lib,” reacts with hostility to pro-Trump statements uttered by an unflappable character wearing an Uncle Sam outfit.

“From the moment of [Trump’s] election, liberals across the land became literally and figuratively unhinged, making every effort to undermine the Trump presidency,” Hunt wrote. “From the perpetuation of fake news to rioting and looting in the streets of America, the rude, uncivilized and disrespectful behavior of the intolerant left inspired the concept.”

Here’s one scene:

Says Uncle Sam, “Would you, could you, here or there, admit he was elected fair and square?”

Lib replies, “I would not admit it here or there. I would not admit it anywhere! I do not like Trump, he’s just a sham. I do not like Trump, a Lib I am!”

A startled but calm Uncle Sam proceeds to additional questions, specifically asking, “Would you, could you, just give him a chance?”

With his toes poking out of flip-flops, a sweating, fist-swirling Lib answers, “I would not. I could not! It’s just not my way!”

In the end, the poor character seems involuntarily in route to an insane asylum.

Hunt said he created Uncle Sam’s nemesis as a composite of a “white, self-righteous, self-loathing, college professor” type.

He also recalls the exact moment he felt inspired to write the book, which took “a couple of months” to finish.

“I was watching the news one night listening to yet another liberal commentator tearing into Trump and what popped into my head was, ‘I do not like him in a boat; I do not like him with a goat; I do not like him here or there; I do not like him anywhere,'” Hunt told the Weekly. “That led to the idea of a Dr. Seuss parody, figuring the children’s book format was appropriate to the child-like, insolent behavior of his critics.”

Hunt’s contempt for the political left isn’t new. In 2006 and 2010, he ran campaigns to become sheriff and didn’t resist portraying himself as an unapologetic conservative disgusted by the mainstream media, moderate Republicans, gun-control advocates, wimpy foreign policy lobbies and, of course, Democrats as well as Socialists.

His first race against then-boss, Sheriff Mike Carona, ended with him receiving law enforcement career-ending retaliation. He launched a successful private detective agency, but eventually sold that business to work full time as an artist. In 2013, the County of Orange agreed to give him a $2 million settlement to end litigation over the Carona fiasco.

Hunt, a Laguna Hills resident who has used his artistic skills in the past to lampoon Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) for the Weekly, says A Lib I Am is available for $12.99 and can be ordered HERE.

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