Bill Hunt Calls For “Constitutional Revolution” in DC

The Washington Times has posted an article featuring Orange County sheriff's candidate Bill Hunt and his pro-gun speech yesterday at the Washington Monument in the nation's capital.

“The Second Amendment should be the litmus test for anybody seeking election,” Hunt told the crowd, according to the Times story.

The paper also reported that Hunt “compared himself of the embattled sheriff played by Gary Cooper in the film classic High Noon.”

Plot point basics: honorable if unappreciated sheriff meets lovely pacifist (Grace Kelly), turns in badge, leaves town for happy retirement but returns to almost single-handedly battle and defeat evil doers.

“They found a tough man and sheriff to run the bad guys out of town,” Hunt told the DC crowd, which “roared” in approval. “Let the revolution for constitutional rights go from Orange County, California, to Orange County, Florida!”

The rally was organized to protest anti-gun laws.

Hunt, a former sheriff's lieutenant, and Craig Hunter, deputy chief of police in Anaheim, are attempting to defeat appointed Sheriff Sandra Hutchens in the June 8 election for control of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Read the Times article HERE.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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