Bikes and Burgers for Southern California

When viewing motocross memorabilia, you’re gonna get hungry for a burger. With this inevitability in mind, The Early Years of Motocross Museum is hosting a 'Bikes and Burgers' Fundraiser to support the High Hopes Head Injury Program. Tom White’s Early Years museum, which proudly displays an impressive collection of motorcycles, cars, equipment and memorabilia, will contribute the evening’s ticket sales to the charity that holds such a special place in their heart. After Tom’s son Brad suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1997, the family found High Hopes Brain Injury Center, and thanks to their work Brad has made progress. Now it is the White family’s desire to aid others on their road to recovery; help contribute to this valuable cause while enjoying some good food, an impressive collection and great company.

Sun., May 31, 10 a.m., 2015

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