BIG Opportunity: Help Make The World's Largest Cup Of Boba Tea

Add this to the list of things to do before you die: Help make the world's largest cup of boba tea.

The opportunity is here! Folks from 626 Night Market, the massive Los Angeles-based food fest inspired by the epic night markets of Asia, plan to create a record-breaking boba drink to be unveiled at a future event. Why? Because it's boba, the beloved beverage anchored by slimy, chewy tapioca balls that can only slurped through a massive colored straw.

The cup will be big. HUGE. Here are the states, according to the Kickstarter page:


“The cup itself will be 6 feet tall situated on a 2.5 feet high platform. The straw will extend its height an additional 3.5' with a grand total height of 12 feet! It will hold 320 gallons of boba tea–that's over 2,500 cups of your standard boba drink–and will weigh heavier than an average sedan.”

As for where you come in, organizers are asking boba fans to fund the community project, which will be unveiled at the 626 Night Market on August 3 and 4 at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia. Make a pledge and get your name, photo and/or logo plastered on cup, depending on how much you give.

And get this–the drink is actually, well, drinkable. Pledge $10 or more, and enjoy the sweet nectar of the monumental cup. We're assuming the boba will be poured into manageable, regular-sized cups and there won't just be a a boba-orgy free-for-all. Hmmm, though that might be interesting …

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