*Updated, with new information on the bottom…

For the past couple of days, it's been quite the battle royale at Navel Gazing regarding Robert Morey, pastor of Faith Community Church in Irvine, and a guy whose flock is the most aggressively arrogant bunch of religious folks since the Scientologists. Here, we approve all sorts of criticism–but not so much at Morey's blog,

Earlier, I commented about having my comment deleted at Biblical Thought by BT head lemming Stephen Macasil (and I wasn't the only one). Late last night, the site mysteriously went down. When it was back up, it was missing two posts: Morey's “The Need for Biblical Warrant” and Macasil's “The Gates of Hell,” both blog posts blasting Faith Community Church defectors except written in the elliptical, evasive, nasty way that is the wont of Morey and his crew. Ah, but thanks to the messianic powers of Google, you can recall those posts from the dead: here is “The Gates of Hell,” and a bit of “The Need for Biblical Warrant” here (if anyone can find the rest of that, I'll post it). So, Stephen: what gives?

*UPDATE: About a month ago, Morey told his followers not to read any criticisms. The Leader is good, the Leader is fine…

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