BI·AS Brings a Heavy-Hitting Sound to OC’s Metal Scene

courtesy of Althea Salamin

Though the band has been in existence for less than seven months, OC hard rock/metal band BI·AS is making a name for itself in the local music scene and beyond. Forming from the fallout of a previous newly formed band, Core 10, bassist Chris Dorame, guitarist Joe Taback and drummer David Silveria (formerly of Korn) created BI·AS with additional guitarist Mike Martin, and singer Rich Nguyen. Taback and Dorame have been playing music together in the OC music scene in various bands since they were teens. As far as Core 10, that band brought all of us together, it’s as simple as that,” Taback said. “We wish them the best with whatever they do.”

When it comes to the band’s musical identity, of course, with Silveria’s successful career with megastars Korn, obviously there might be some comparisons. But, the band’s sound is a dose of melodies, groove, metal, and rock, taking equal parts from Slipknot, early Korn, Faith No More, Deftones, Incubus, and Linkin Park. “ I think as more people discover our band they will really like us,” Silveria said. “We definitely have our own unique sound, but at times there are hints of the early sound of Korn. I feel this band is a new fresh sound on the rock scene that is lacking right now. We have a new sound for sure, but we aren’t reinventing the wheel. ”

As one might imagine, being in a band with a drummer of a band as huge as Korn was a bit intimidating for a local band just starting out, especially since the members were fans. I’ve been a Korn fan since 96,” Martin said. “They were definitely my favorite band growing up. For me, I was definitely nervous and still to this day it blows me away how I got here. But, David is not only a great guy, but he’s also an amazing drummer and real easy going during the writing process.”

But, with one listen, the band’s onstage energy and musical connections become clear. This is truly a band of friends making music, and having fun. “The best part of this band is getting to play and write music with all these guys. That chemistry between all of us makes it fun and exciting,” Nguyen said. “I really think we got lucky cause chemistry isn’t really something you necessarily think about when you join a band. At least for me, it wasn’t even on the radar when I walked in to jam with them. You can’t fake that; either you have it or you don’t and thank god we have it with each other.”

“This band doesn’t feel like work, it feels like getting together with buddies and just having fun,” Silveria said. This is how it should be.”

All members of BI·AS, except for Nguyen live in Orange County. “Rich lives in Valencia, so he drives out here on the weekends to practice with us,” said Dorame. “We only get one practice a week with him in, but as a band, we practice a few times a week.”

Nguyen said that with technology however, they are able to share music and send tracks to each other back and forth digitally making things easier when it comes to the writing process, including music and lyrics. “I think Rich does an amazing job on lyrical content. I can’t speak for him, but most times there is always going to be some kind of personal undertone any time you sing about something,” Taback said.

“The lyrics that I write are both personal and abstract. Every song I write has two meanings; mine and your interpretation,” Nguyen said. “ I try to write my lyrics vague enough for people to relate to and form their own opinions. However, if you know me personally, you may be able to figure what I’m talking about, maybe.”

BI·AS are ready to bring their music beyond the local music scene, but will always have a love for Orange County. “I have loved being a part our local music scene since 2004, we have great venues, great bands, and everyone is very supportive,” Taback said. “ I have had some amazing times playing within the ‘Orange Curtain’ but also ready to get out and take BI·AS to the next level.”

BI·AS has plans to release more music and are hard at work on recording a new record. We are all working hard on writing the rest of our full length,” Nguyen said. “ We probably have another 3-4 songs to go. Hopefully, we can get into the studio and lay down these tracks in between or after our “one-off” shows this summer. For the fans wanting more music right now… Hang tight, we don’t want to rush this part, it needs to be done right. For the time being, gather your friends and come out to the shows to hear the tunes.”

In the meantime, fans can hear singles “Pity,’ and ‘Change Your Mind,’ on various rock stations across the country, and through social media and Youtube. BI·AS also has several shows lined up, including May 4th in Santa Ana at Malone’s, as part of Crazyfest, featuring Crazy Town. For more info follow the band on social media using the tag ‘biasbandoc,’ and visit www.

BI·AS performs on Saturday, May 4th, CRAZYFEST at Malone’s in Santa Ana with CRAZY TOWN, DMT, 12 Gauge Embrace, Vure, Seconds to Centuries, Way II Stoned & more.Doors 6:30 PM | 21+.

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