Bhang CBD Chewing Gum and PrimaCan CBD Tablets: Our Tokes of the Week!

Bhang Chewing Gum 10mg CBD per gum 
Price: $10 for 8
PrimaCan Tablets 10mg CBD ea tablet
Price: $30 for 10
Dispensary: From the Earth 3023 S Orange Ave, Santa Ana CA 92707

I’ve been wearing eye glasses since I was in second grade. Because I have difficulty using eye drops, contacts are out of the question and I never, ever would consider Lasik surgery. Just the thought of a Dr. lasering my eyeball freaks me out.

Three months ago I started experiencing eye floaters and bleeding from behind my retina. The first solution is to wait and hope it resolves on its own but that wasn’t happening. Between the bleeding and the floaters I was having some difficulty driving. My doctor told me my eye wasn’t getting enough oxygen; it was creating blood vessels to get more oxygen and that caused the bleeding.

What he could do was aerate my eyeball to help with the lack of oxygen. I said alright , let’s do it. Ugh. He numbed out my eye, two needles, yes, local anesthesia, then proceeded to laser the fuck out of my eyeball. Like some video game, beep beep beep beep beep beep…and two weeks later my eye still bled. Next step a procedure called vitrectomy, not to be confused with vasectomy, hey, my eyes are up here! More laser, more stress!

My anxiety was reaching crazy levels. I needed something to calm me down.

CBD tablets to the rescue!  From the Earth in SanTana offers quite a few pure CBD products and I chose the Bhang chewing gum and the tablets, they come in higher strengths but I didn’t want to knock out just get some relief from the anxiety of the eye surgery. CBD I Heart YOU!

The 10mg CBD tablets were perfect. It was the anxiety I was looking to relieve and one tablet worked almost immediately. My experience with CBD products has been so positive, it always seems to first relax my forehead then neck and shoulders, I don’t know if this is by design or just with me but it’s a great relaxer, before I knew it I was sound asleep, taking a nice nap.
The Bhang chewing gum has the same 10mg strength, it relaxed me but didn’t cause me to fall asleep which is great because I can chew it at work when things get stressful and still get my tasks done. It might affect you differently, so use it accordingly, I wouldn’t chew CBD gum and use heavy machinery, if you know what I mean. 

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