Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar: Our Toke of the Week!

The stoner stereotype has always been that potheads don’t give a shit about the food they eat.

Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bar

(Harold and Kumar’s journey to White Castle really didn’t help). But the reality is that a lot of people who love THC also enjoy taking care of their bodies, too. Unfortunately, the one thing that sucks about eating edibles is that you’re not only getting high from THC—you’re getting a fat sugar high too.

The Betty Khronic vegan energy bar is designed for people who enjoy the borderline spiritual body high that comes from working out on a dose of THC. Katina Morales, the company’s CEO—who’s also a cross country star—began making edibles when she realized cannabis helped her muscles recover faster. It also aided her mind/body alignment , allowing Morales to reach her runner’s flow much faster.

Soon, Morales’ entire cross country group began experimenting with her THC theory, and experienced sensational results. Now, you can find her products in dispensaries all over SoCal, including From the Earth in Santa Ana. Every box comes with two bars that are loaded with 40 mg of THC extracted from top shelf sativa.

With 100 percent raw, organic and vegan ingridients, Betty Khronic’s energy bar is the Cliff Bar of edibles, only healthier.

Price: $16.

Location: From the Earth, 3023 S. Orange Ave, Santa Ana.

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