Best Ways to Hydrate Your Skin During the Summer

Summertime is for vacation, traveling, beach visits and music festivals under the sun. But all that stress, heat and booze in those activities can really knock out the moisture in your skin, making it feel dry, flaky and conducive to wrinkles (I’m not ready to show my age yet—sorry!). Keeping your skin hydrated is key to preserving it at its best. So before your next scheduled Sunday funday, give your epidermis some much-needed love to restore its natural, dewy glow because there’s no summer makeup trend that beats glowing, healthy skin!

Homemade hydrating masks: You could go to any drug store and purchase a hydrating sheet mask for your face, but the effects are temporary. There are plenty of DIY masks for a hydration boost, the ingredients for most of which you can find in your own kitchen: avocado, honey, egg whites, coconut oil and oatmeal. Blend any three of them together, then generously coat your face with the results, letting it sit for at least an hour before rinsing off.

Natural toners: Alcohol-free, natural toners created from pure rose, cucumber, basil, aloe vera or lavender water will help to not only moisturize your skin, but also alleviate acne. Either use a cotton ball to swipe your face and neck, or pour into a spray bottle and spritz away.

Wear less makeup: If you wear it, that is. The combination of paraben-filled foundations and loose powders mixed with sweat and oils is the quickest way to clog your pores, which leads to acne. Try to minimize the number of products you use if you know you’ll be out and about in humid weather.

Chug water, damn it! You need at least 8 ounces of water a day to stay healthy and hydrated in general, so fill up that canteen and/or CamelBak and drink up. On the flip side, avoid long, hot showers so your skin isn’t stripped of its own moisture.

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