Best Tweets From the 2016 Grammy’s

The 58th annual Grammy Awards was the topic du jour last night and we would have liked to chime in while in “real time” but in REAL time, it was taped at Staples Center and showed to the east coast at 5pm and to us west coasters, at 8pm. You do the math. 

Hosted by by LL Cool J (for the 5th time and for 8,047,386 hats), this train wreck extravaganza featured a long list of performers (almost as long as the show felt) such as Adele, Gaga, the Bieb’s, Pitbull, Carrie Underwood, T-Swizle, Rhianna, The Weeknd, and Miguel that hit the stage to entertain us (lol) and also included tributes to Glenn Frey and David Bowie. Sweet. In all, it was all pretty decent but super long winded in case you didn’t get that we were throwing that out before. What wasn’t decent was the feedback Twitter dished out and on the real, that’s just the type of indecency we like to get behind. Because it’s hilarious. See for yourself. 

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