Best Romantic Restaurants in OC in Anaheim and Santa Ana? HA!

Clockwork Coker did a post about megablog The Daily Beast's ridiculous assertion that Anaheim and SanTana are the second- and third-best cities in the United States to find love. Being that Anacrime is my hometown and SanTana my adopted one and given I know the female of each species' cities, I can categorize that assertion as a DAMN LIE (Long Beach as the top spot, on the other hand, isn't that far-off given its teeming, horny singles). But even more laughable is the “romantic hotspot” that the writer of this post picked for the two cities.

The White House as the ultimate romantic restaurant in Anaheim? I like the place, but it's overrated, too expensive, and the place is in the middle of an Anaheim barrio that, while pretty cozy, will probably scare off your date with all the Mexicans loitering outside. And Ambrosia Restaurant for SanTana's love place? The Daily Beast obviously doesn't know that the walking cold shower called Mike Harrah owns the place, or that Ambrosia–while offering good food–is also overpriced and tries way too hard to unsuccessfully recreate the days of the Brown Derby.

My choice for Anacrime? Rufino's Ristorante, where the old couple manning the place will teach you what romance is while serving great pastas. SanTana? Can never go wrong with Memphis at the Santora.

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