Best Phrases Found on Black Twitter Right Now

As the A$VP MXB continues to inspire the rap community to replace vowels with varied Xs and Vs, a more grammatically based change is taking place once again among those who partake in an offshoot of social media called Black Twitter. Yes, as Salon so eloquently states, Black Twitter is “”a collective of active, primarily African-American Twitter users who have created a virtual community … [and are] proving adept at bringing about a wide range of sociopolitical changes.” It also gives young rappers and the fans that love them a place to congregate and come up with some new terminology that sounds confusing as fuck to the average white person.

Since words like “ratchet” and “YOLO” have become so embarrassingly commonplace thanks to mainstream hip-hop (waiting for Merriam-Webster to add them to the official lexicon any day now) it's only right you get familiar with the next wave of terms populating your favorite rapper's Twitter feed. Here's a list of the best phrases found on Black Twitter right now.


Meaning: An acronym for “That Hoe Over There.” A thot–one in the Basic Bitch genus, similar to a “ratchet”–is a usually despicable female who offers nothing but sexual pleasure to the dismay of other women and men who are denied this pleasure. If more than 75% of your Instagram feed is selfies of your body, you're most likely a thot.
Origin: Black Twitter
Use: “Ay that girl's twerk game at club last night was something fierce. She was a straight thot!”–Thirsty fellow after a night of partying.

Or nah?
Meaning: An inquiry based on uncertainty directed by one person to another person or group of individuals in correspondence.
Origin: Ty Dolla $ign
Use: “You gon' add some extra au jus to that French dip or nah?”–Man at a local grinder spot in Huntington Beach.

Meaning: An acronym for “Before Anything Else.” Bae is that significant other one dedicates all their #MCMs and #WCWs and other hashtags dedicated to the one they text as soon as they wake up. While it seems unknown that bae is just “babe” in one of America's various hood dialects, the original term has been ditched for the more prevalent noun on the Twittersphere and other social media platforms.
Region of Origin: Black Twitter
Use: “Will you turn up with me from now until forever, conjoined in a life unbearable without us side by side, bae?” –A woman who is Drunk in Love and looks nothing like Beyonce.

Meaning: A home invasion type of robbery done by a small group of individuals in a neighborhood known to keep cash and jewels in an unlocked drawer or chest rather than in safety deposit things at a bank.
Origin: Bompton, CA under the auspices of YG
Use: “Went to jail for a flock, came home wit a strike” –YG on “Bickin' Back Bein' Bool.”

No Flex Zone
Meaning: An enclosed area that forbids any individual from engaging in swashbuckling, braggadocio behavior. This includes flaunting jewelry, the newest Nike FreeRuns, and Balmain jeans without scruples, especially around those less fortunate.
Origin: Mississippi under the Auspices of Rae Sremmurd
Use: “Hey Jamel don't you know Darius made this place a No Flex Zone?! Take all those chains and watches off before he sees you!”–Someone who doesn't wanna get robbed and beat up for associating with you.

No Chill
Meaning: 1) Unable to maintain composure regarding a given situation that is normally unessential and reposing.
2) Relentless on achieving a certain goal to the point of agitation.
Origin: Coined by Crooked I on “Beautiful Murder” but commandeered by social media coordinators in the Rap community.
Use: “The Amazon Fresh deliveryman rang my doorbell like 40 times in 5 seconds, when delivering my Boar's Head package. The guy had no chill.”

Meaning: Better know as prison commissary, “sto'” or store can be used to purchase Cheetos, Danishes and other unhealthy snacks that make an inmate prone to passing on the pore-clogging, tasteless mush served inside of jails around the country. These goods are also commodity as they can be used for trade and payment for other services in a barred black market.
Origin: Correctional facilities but made popular by YG and associates on “My Krazy Life” and “10 Summers”.
Use: “Next time I get the chance, I'm getting some Soap on a Rope from the sto'. I vow for that not to happen again.” – Unfortunate fellow who dropped the soap during his last shower visit

Meaning:Something ill begotten, such as getting paid for shmurda. Usually refers to currency earned in a club or on a street corner using either through business or by force. In the event that one cannot report your salary on a 1040A, 1040EZ, or other tax forms, they are, in fact, making shmoney.
Origin: Brooklyn, New York under the auspices of Bobby Shmurda
Use: “I'm definitely getting the Galaxy S5 next time I get some shmoney, the specs are out of this world!”

Feel Some type of Way
Meaning: To be beside one's self after being enlightened by a transpiring of events. Thought it is not specifically implied which type of way one feels, the context of the sentence is usually telling whether one is disheartened or aroused by said events.
Origin: ATL under the auspices of Rich Homie Quan
Use: I felt some type of way when Nicki was talking down on skinny people [on her new song “Anaconda”].” —Some thot on Twitter.

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