[Best of OC 2008 Post Cards] Nightlife: Greetings From Miss Ursela

This oh-so-fierce diva has been a professional female impersonator for more than eight years. With her weekly drag-queen show, the Glamour Girls Revue, Miss Ursela brings major glitz and sparkle to Orange County.


What I love most about Orange County are all the different people and how vibrant the county is. Being a homosexual and living here is so amazing because there are a lot of gays like myself everywhere. The community is a little conservative, but I think that may be changing. There is so much color all around us. From theme parks to nightlife, shopping to beach life, and the weather is beautiful. And the smell of TANS! Something about the smell of burnt skin mixed with coconut just reminds me of the beach.

I enjoy going out to clubs like the Shark Club, but we definitely need more gay clubs since Oz and the Boom Boom Room shut down. It’s time for a change. The gay nightlife scene gets so crazy and wild! You think the heteros get rowdy? Oh, no.


• Glamour Girls Revue at Seduction Sundays, 195 W. Center St. Promenade, Anaheim, (714) 583-2057; www.seductionsundays.com; with monthly appearances also at Flight, 8082 Adams Ave., Huntington Beach, (714) 374-8300; www.boinkevents.com.

• Shark Club, 841 Baker St., Costa Mesa, (714) 751-6428; www.sharkclub.com.

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