Best Of 2017: Best In Show!

As the wise sage Milhouse Van Houten once said, “Dogs are outstanding!” But you know what’s better? Rescue dogs. And you know what’s even better? The organizations that save these dogs from death and try to find them forever homes. It’s hard, selfless, costly work—but it’s the work of winners, for winners, by winners.

And that’s why this year, your favorite infernal rag decided to team up with some of the best dog-rescue groups around to use their pals as models for our annual Best Of issue. Who better than pound pups to show the rest of us how to live the good life in Orange County? And since we took great pictures of them, it’s inevitable your eyes will also fall on the hundreds of winners we picked this year representing the best and brightest OC has to offer—more eye-grabbing than hot chicks in bikinis, you know? More important, if you’re motivated to visit our winners, why not feel the urge to adopt our models and some of their pals as your own fur babies?

While some of these pooches will have already been adopted by the time you read this, others will be waiting for you. After seeing them in various stages of play (except for Rasta Dog; no edibles were used in her—or any—photo shoot because she was already naturally chill!), you’d be a stone-hearted fool to not want one. Read this issue, then find all the info for the participating rescue societies and give them a call. What else do you need? You’ve got rescue dogs and OC’s best everything—GO GO GO and ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!

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