Best 2016 Golden Globe Tweets

Live from the Beverly Hills Hilton (shout out for actually being live), Ricky Gervais hit the stage and proceeded to do a ridiculously amazing job with his hosting duties at the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards. Keeping our panties out of a bunch, we laughed along as he slammed Caitlyn Jenner, Jeffery Tambor’s balls, the Catholic church, pay equality, the phallic Golden Globe statue itself, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, and the hilarious movie The Martian.  

During Gervais’ attempts to  remind celebs that “no one cares about their awards more than themselves,” Twitter went hard. And thank god they didn’t hold back because the Golden Globes were way too long and the constant censoring was annoying as fuck (get it together, NBC). Lucky for all of us adults who know a curse word is just a word, the uncensored Twitter distraction was beyond welcome. And for that, we want to thank Twitter with some screengrabs rather than the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. 

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