Benni Cinkle, Awkward Backup Dancer in 'Friday' Video, Wants To Make School Appearances

What do you do when you're a part of a video that's gotten 176 million views? 
Milk it for all it's worth.

Benni Cinkle, the brace-faced girl who flails her arms awkwardly in Rebecca Black's “Friday” video, debuted a video of her own last week called “Can You See Me Now.” Now, according to a press release (yes, she even has a press team), the Anaheim Hills teen has gotten “overwhelming requests and responses,” so she has decided to host a Bring Benni to School Contest. Kids can enter by creating a video telling a story about a difficult time in their lives and how they got through it. Cinkle will pick five winners and visit their schools to talk about empowerment.
Says the press release: “It is no surprise that Benni has touched the
lives of so many children and teens all around the world due to her
admirable self-confidence and determination to not let other people
bring her down.”
Is that what kids really need more of these days? Self-confidence? Isn't
that what leads to things like the Rebecca Black video in the first place? 

Check out the painful-to-watch video here:

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