Ben Hansen, Fact or Faked Host/Investigator, Sees UFO over Huntington Beach

Ben Hansen saw a UFO over Huntington Beach Friday.

He may be more in tune to see such things, as he's the host and lead investigator on the SyFy channel's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.


Hansen reveals on his website that he'd finished running around a Huntington Beach high school's track and was waiting for a friend to complete her lap when he looked up and saw a “triangular shaped object traveling at a very quick pace” in the northwestern sky. He further described it as a “near perfect equilateral triangle” with large white spheres at each corner.

As he watched the object fly silently overhead, he ruled out it being a flock of birds, conventional aircraft or weather balloons, calculating it was moving at between 500-800 mph before disappearing.

When his friend joined him, she said she's seen an object too. Before they said anything else to each other that would taint their recollections, Hansen had her draw what she saw as he drew what he saw. As you can see on his site, they both drew similiar-looking triangles.

Later, each saw two more unexplained things in the sky, but they were different than the triangle. These Hansen described as looking almost like two completely white fighter jets flying as if connected or in an very tight formation, with no lights on as you'd see with normal manned aircraft. He reported all the sightings to the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network.

Hansen's bio states he was a former FBI agent, but critics have claimed he was only with the bureau a short time. Not that the critique has anything to do with what one sees with his/her naked eyes.

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