Behold Slater's 50/50 Burger of the Month: The Thanksgiving Burger!

Those rascals at Slater's 50/50 are at it again with their themed burgers. Given it's November, yes there's turkey, yes there's cranberry…but sage? Let the kind Slater's folks explain.


“An old favorite from the original menu,” goes the story, “the burger features Slater's signature fresh turkey patty topped with house-made brioche dressing, turkey gravy, scratch-made cranberry sauce and sage mayo. Served on a honey wheat bun. It's like getting your whole turkey dinner wrapped up in one super-tasty sandwich.”

I can't stand turkey or cranberry, yet it works on this steamed ham, which I tasted the first time around: concentrated but not overwhelming, and far better than a plate of the bird. As for the beer? A Lagunitas Czech-style Pils. Per the flackage: The crisp, clean finish of this classic pilsener balances the sweetness of the cranberries creating a wonderful pairing.”

Will they be open for Thanksgiving? Let's hope!

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