Before it Gets Old: Lazytown/Lil Jon Mashup

UPDATE: The original video has disappeared, thanks to “a copyright claim by Lazy Town Entertainment.” What, they don't like lines like “grab a dick, it's yours bitch” associated with their kids' show? Bizarre! I put up another (still-extant as of 4:26 p.m. PST on Dec. 4) upload of it, but I doubt this one is long for the world either, sadly.

Sure, the mashup has been passé since around 2004–though Party Ben's “Single Ladies (In Mayberry)” makes a strong case for its revival–but this mix of “Cooking By the Book” from Nick Jr.-by-way-of-Iceland kids' show “LazyTown” and “Step Yo Game Up” by Lil Jon is so seamless, so perfect, so creepy (especially the puppets), it practically demands your 79 seconds.

Though what's so lazy about not cooking by the book? Not only does it take more work to alter a recipe, rigidly following directions no matter what is a real bummer of a lesson to teach on a children's show. Icelandic kids must be pretty lame.

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