Beers at The Beer Co, Our Beers of the Week!

The Beer Co’s three owners, Matt Chase, Anne Channels, and Cedric Channels. Photo by Greg Nagel

It’s somewhat maddening when a new brewery opens in Orange County and I haven’t heard a thing about it. Considering I check in on various building permit databases, ABC license applications, and the usual hen house of other breweries that blab about what’s new in the hood. This one seemed to just pop out of nowhere.

But here I am, at The Beer Co. on the famous La Palma Beer Trail in Anaheim, sipping a really great house-made michelada, wondering how the hell I failed this time.

The name, “The Beer Co.” itself is brutal to google, considering it’s sort of generic and there’s another brewery in OC with nearly the same name. Despite that, the people behind the project are anything but generic, and look to add a little bit of their fun into Anaheim’s already burgeoning beer scene.

The brewery itself is super nano in stature, with a step-less brew deck and a fermentation chamber tucked inside a narrow coldbox with a skateboard propped up just outside the sliding glass door. The beer list is full of popular beer styles, including a Snozzberry Berliner, Mexican lager, IPA, a white ale, a peanut butter stout, and other various pale ales. It’s a somewhat ambitious list for a new opening, but I did happen to find a couple new favorites.

More beers for the La Palma Beer Trail! Photo by Greg Nagel.

Husband and wife combo Anne and Cederic Channels teamed up with long-time LA dive bar publican Matt Chase on the project, which started a quick fourteen months ago. Anne is an interior decorator by day, and she put the stylish accents throughout the cozy tasting room.

A few beer cocktails highlight the taplist, including a melon sour and michelada which are mixed on the fly behind the C-shaped bar, complete with unexpected bartender flair from the whispy-haired Chase.

The brewery will also work with guests on creating a special small-batch private-labeled beer for your own special event, like a wedding, birthday, or whatever may ale you. Check their website for more info.

The Beer Co. is at 3910 E Coronado St Suite G, Anaheim,  //


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