Fullerton Beer Thief Jukes Baton-Wielding Cop in Viral Video!

All Effrum Burnett wanted on a hot Friday afternoon was a tall can of Olde English brew to cool down. Only problem? He walked out of a liquor store in Fullerton without paying for the beer—the second time in as many stores that day. When pointed out to police by a manager, Burnett led them on the shortest, slowest and most hilarious foot pursuit in Orange County history!

A Snapchat video that’s since gone viral caught the action with Burnett strutting a series of moves across Orangethorpe Avenue to evade the pursuing baton-wielding cop. The malt liquor marathon didn’t last long with one SAVAGE juke sending Fullerton’s finest tumbling down to the pavement. Burnett continued his short-lived victory trot without ever spilling a single drop of beer.

Roll the tape (and then watch it again!)

Did Fullerton police ever catch the guy after the Snapchat video ended? “Burnett was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit––where he ran in and out of traffic on Orangethorpe Avenue––without incident,” reports Fullerton PD spokesman Sgt. Jon Radus. “He was eventually cited and released for petty theft.”

How much does a tall can of OE cost these days? Either way, the Snapchat video topped 1.6 million views since being uploaded to Showboat’s comedy Facebook page on Saturday and has spawned numerous memes.

Call Burnett Slo-Mo Steph Curry! Or better yet, in the words of Weekly music editor Nate Jackson, he’s the “Barry Sanders of Booze Hounds!”

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