Because You're Ugly: YSL Y-Mail

In memory of Yves Saint Laurent, who passed away last week from the effects of brain cancer, I bring you some of the most sought-after—and affordable—baubles YSL has released in the past few years.

All the pieces of the Y-Mail collection resemble an envelope, with the postmark as the YSL logo, and is addressed to the house of Yves Saint Laurent on 7, Avenue George V in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris. It's a cute homage to the man who popularized and made safari jackets, pantsuits (see: Le Smoking), and androgyny in general, an absolute staple of both high-end and mainstream fashion. He was even the first to use black models on the runway.

With the death of Yves Saint Laurent went the last of the old High Couture houses (which includes Chanel and Dior)—while the couture house of YSL was closed in 2002 due to health complications, the company still lives on with its prêt-à-porter line and chief designer Stefano Pilati.

The Y-Mail series includes tote bags ($1295), boxy handbags ($415-$495), a long wallet ($415), a tri-fold wallet ($350), and my favorites, the coin purse ($175—which may seem steep for a coin purse, but it's actually the size of a small wallet and perfect for stashing away IDs, credit cards and cash into that ooone tiny purse we all own that doesn't fit much of anything) and clutch ($395). The items are available in a black patent, gold and silver—buuuut I'd suggest sticking with the black patent.

The Y-Mail series is available in YSL storefronts and their online boutique.

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