Because Youre Ugly: Wardrobe Remix

It sounds weird, but one of the best ways to develop your own personal, unique sense of style is exposing yourself to as large of a variety of styles as possible. After a while, you start realizing what it is you really like—and start separating the crap from the quality (read: avoiding falling into trends at every turn).

Street fashion blogs are as popular as ever now, thanks to the rise of my personal favorite, the Sartorialist, a Manhattan man who runs around snapping candid shots of outfits worn by high-fashion socialites, fashion industry slaves and sometimes even the models themselves. Since the inception of the blog, the Sartorialist has been asked to do spreads for all sorts of fancy Condé Nast publications.

If that sounds too sophisticated for you, the Face Hunter is more for the ultra trendy, gold lamé-wearing hipster scum crowd. But whichever style it is you prefer, street fashion blogs like these tend to be much more real to the average reader than picking up the latest copy of W.

But both blogs tend to document the in-crowd of both scenes, what about real people—real people with real budgets?

The Flickr photo pool wardrobe_remix provides one of the best sources to spying on what others are wearing. Participants join and post their own photos to the pool, many do it just do document their wardrobe and different outfits. The best part? If you see something you like, most also post where they got what and how much it was.

They get to show off, receive e-praise and become e-popular and you get to ogle, covet or spite. Everybody wins.

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