Because You're Ugly: Tote Your Vote

What are you wearing Nov. 4? Or, hey, to watch tonight's debate on your couch, even?

Harveys, the Santa Ana-based creator of the original seatbelt bag, has something for you: Tote Your Vote! Available now on and in retail stores, their red, white and blue (what else?) Tote Your Vote bags are personalized featuring your presidential nominee of choice in mind with three badges and a star-shaped key chain.

Sure, the red, white and blue color scheme is actually kind of atrocious and should be reserved only for those delegates in the crazy-ass hats at their respective conventions, but I might let you have a pass for this one—if you choose the uh, right tote, that is. Heh.

Right now,'s poll shows the McCain tote in the lead at 61 percent, with Obama trailing far, far behind at 39 percent—but at least we all know that's not exactly reflective of real life.

Tote Your Vote! medium tote bags, $138, available at or at the Harveys retail store, 3011 N. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 550-7105.

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