Because You're Ugly: Topshop—An Introduction

If your trips to London always had to include a visit to the very large, very lovely multi-floored flagship Topshop store in Oxford Circus, I've got some good news: Some weeks ago, Topshop finally launched their American storefronts, both online and retail. Sure the actual store—the very first stateside—is in Manhattan, but I'll take it anyway. Before the debut of the US, S&H cost something like $20 USD. Flat.

So Topshop: What is it? Many think of its American equivalent as Forever 21 or H&M (…not that H&M is American, but uh, you know), but Topshop isn't quite as affordable as either fast fashion chain, with many of its pieces often reaching into the three-digit range. While it's true that Topshop shares the same disposable cheap-and-fast fashion mantra, many of the pieces the UK chain has to offer are a direct reflection of both the runway and what's in the wardrobes of many of “it-girls” splashed in the socialite pages and gossip rags. It's really not too rare at all to spot Peaches Geldof and Alexa Chung in Topshop clothing—that even you and I could afford. When's the last time you saw Cory Kennedy in Forever 21?

Topshop's first introduction to the United States was through Kate Moss' much anticipated and ongoing eponymous line, which we discussed here previously, sold (and sold out) through Barneys New York locations.

It's also good to know that Topshop quality surpasses that of Forever 21—just take a look at their accessories and footwear… in real leather?

Some standouts currently on are the Wonderland (a shameless rip-off of Miu Miu S/S 2008 , but hey, a good a rip-off) and Alice McCall collections.

No word yet on any more US locations opening up, but in the meantime, you can get your dose of Topshop here.

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