Because You're Ugly: Old Navy Yellow

My mom's always told me that yellow's one of those colors I better make sure to wear lots of while I'm still young—older women, she says, just can't pull it off as well.

I still haven't really taken her advice, seeing that I am reeeally attached to my LBDs, but if you don't mind standing out in a crowd, mustard yellow seems to be a popular approach to brighter colors. The hue popped up all over both the SS 08 shows (in the form of mod swing frocks and maxi-length dresses) and as an accent color in the FW 08 runways in otherwise very fall, very drab color schemes that brightened things up just enough.

Old Navy's Ruffled V-Neck Dress is an ultra cheap solution to adding some color into your wardrobe: the ruffles give just enough of the prairie gal effect to go along with the free-spirited, carefree hippie look that we've all too often discussed. Pair it with some boots that hit mid-calf or even some minimally strappy flat sandals and you've got a quick, easy outfit that's much cheaper and more flattering than this cankle-accentuating Urban Outfitters atrocity.

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