Because You're Ugly: MORE Warehouse Sales!

RVCA SummerPut down that wallet and don't walk into that Nordstrom. Why pay full price for all that lovable RVCA and Paul Frank gear when you can just plan on heading to their respective summer warehouse sales to stock up?

This Friday and Saturday, both Paul Frank Industries and the RVCA warehouse in Costa Mesa will be open to the public. Tons of crap will be on sale for dramatically slashed prices—just get there early to avoid the crowds as much as possible

Paul Frank and RVCA are also offering their own versions of Disneyland's Fast Pass—pay a couple of bucks and jet to the front of the line, no questions asked. See and for more info.

You know the rest: Cash and credit card (VISA/Mastercard only) accepted, no bags, all sales final, no returns or exchanges, etc., etc. Paul Frank's even offering a free gift for all purchases over $100!

Flyers with all the info after the jump.



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