Because You're Ugly: Lolita Sunglasses

The first time I spotted heart-shaped sunglasses outside of Lolita was during Moschino's SS 2006 runway show. And for some inexplicable reason, I loved them, as silly as they seemed. The collection consisted of flirty dresses, full skirts, throwback 1950s swimsuits and, yes, heart-shaped sunglasses. In fact, the entire show pretty much reflected what seems to be today's style mantra: completely classic and vintage, with just enough modern detail thrown in for some originality and flare.

But of course, the Moschino sunglasses retailed for about $295, and who wants to spend that much on such a bold accessory? The sunglasses have since popped up in numerous editorial spreads since, and Girl Props has come to the rescue for $9.99, as they usually are the go-to place for fun-but-cheap jewelry and other such accessories. I first happened upon the zebra-striped storefront and their loads of inexpensive trinkets on Prince Street in Manhattan's SoHo. It's a great place to check out for gaudy accessories that will be out of style within a season, like door knockers, Kanye West shutter sunglasses, charm necklaces and more that you don't want to spend lots on.

Cute purveyors also offers a slightly more cartoonish version, available in pink and red here for $10. My favorites, and your safest best as far as heart-shaped sunglasses go, are available on Fun and Funky's Amazon store for $9.95—and come in crystal purple, crystal blue, crystal pink, white and a glittery red. The wide shape of the hearts are inconspicuous just enough… or, at least, I think so. The style available for purchase on Amazon is probably the closest in similarity to the ones on the Moschino runway and as featured in this editorial with model Georgia Frost (pictured left) that appeared in Tank Magazine (Volume 5, Issue 3).

Be brave! And, if anything, try 'em on for the opinion of a really, really honest friend—just prepare yourself for some second glances when you're walking down the street, good and bad.

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