Because You're Ugly: Knitting in Biology 101

Okay, so I admit I never did get to dissect a lab rat or frog for high school biology—though, I did have my go at a formaldehyde-soaked mink and fetal pig, which wasn't nearly as disgusting as I thought it'd be—and I never did opt for the conscientious alternate assignment to write a 50-page research paper on the classification of insects instead. But Etsy seller CraftyHedgehog is giving you another chance to explore the twisty innards of a rat—ethically.

The Knitting in Biology Lab Rat and Lab Frog are hand knit by from an acrylic mohair blend, while their cute little guts are needle-felted out of 100% wool. One of the coolest features is that the rat and frog are only pinned down to their framed cork boards thus rendering them totally removable cuddly dolls in addition to slightly grotesque wall art!

The Rat will run you $62 (remember—it's handmade!) while the Frog costs $59. But if you yourself are handy with the needles, CraftyHedgehog also sells PDF pattern files of both the Knitting in Biology 101 Rat and Frog for $4 each.

Purchase the Knitting in Biology 101: Rat and Frog from CraftyHedgehog's Etsy store here. Be sure to also check out the store's (other non-grotesque/totally adorable) hand knit stuffed animals and PDF patterns!

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