Because You're Ugly: Fewa Black Magic

American clothing detergent companies have only just recently caught onto the fact that we like our dark clothing to stay dark—with household names like Tide and Woolite releasing special formula color safe detergent made especially for items like denim and your favorite black T-shirt.

But! I've tried it. Actually, I've tried them all. And it just doesn't perform quite as well as I'd like—even when I try things like doing my laundry in ultra cold water or throwing in a cap of vinegar with the wash. My black jeans still turned gray, my navy cotton skirt a bizarre cadet blue.

Once only available in Europe, Fewa Black Magic is now finally available here in the U.S., and from the reviews I've read online, it's supposed to be the real thing. Fewa Black Magic is actually made to help intensify dark washes, rather than simply prevent them from fading.

Am I going to try it? Sure. But you first.

Fewa Black Magic available in stores and online now at Village Home Goods, $10.99.

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