Because You're Ugly: Chanel Robertson Collection

Most women's personal nail polish collections contain only shades of pink—you know, mauve, pastel pink, and if you're feeling adventurous, maroon and scarlet. This summer, however, bright polishes most women usually stray away from are now in style in a whole new way.

Candy pinks, eye-popping turquoises and even yellows are a fun, easy way to incorporate color in the wardrobe if you're a color phobe like me.

While my pick for a good summer pink is OPI's “I'm India Mood For Love” (I know, but it's a nice color, promise), Chanel doesn't disappoint with their limited edition nail polish created in celebration of the opening of the new Chanel boutique on Robertson in Los Angeles.

The line comes in four colors: Rodeo Drive, a warm pastel-y, shimmery, grape hue; LA Sunset, a bold grapefruit or melon orange; LA Sunrise, an uncomplicated shade of lemonade yellow; and the least noteworthy color in the collection, Melrose, a cotton candy pink. And before you complain about the $25 a bottle price (I don't blame you), remember these lacquers apply flawlessly, dry quickly and you could get away with a single coat. However, a cheaper bright polish collection with similar shades and equal in quality is Essie's summer neon collection, which will only cost you $7 a bottle.

The Chanel Robertson Boulevard collection Le Vernis Nail Colour is still exclusively available at the Robertson Chanel boutique, but if you visit, you can sign up to be on the waiting list when the polishes are finally available to everyone starting July 2008.

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