Because You're Ugly: Ben Sherman Five Decades

Iconic British labels PPQ and Ben Sherman have collaborated on a line called “Five Decades of Dresses,” and the pieces are now available here in the States. Each dress in the range represents a different decade—and, of course, the music associated with that decade—from the '60s through the '90s.

You've got the '60s mod shift dress; the '70s rock paisley print shirt dress; the '80s ska houndstooth high-waisted skirt with a tartan blouse with gold buttons (“Ska and 2-tone meets Amy Winehouse”); the skintight striped '90s Britpop number that looks like something Damon Albarn would wear if he were a gal; and finally, the '00s (…is that what it's called?) “horror indie” Victorian dress.

As predicted, the dresses representing the earlier decades are also the best looking—my picks being the shift dress and ska high-waisted skirt/blouse combo, but the looks don't go for cheap, unfortunately. Each dress will set you back $299.

Ben Sherman x PPQ “Five Decades of Dresses” can be purchased online at

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