Because You're Ugly: Baby Wit!

It's never too early to start raising your little anarchist. Baby Wit has been selling its unique range of baby and toddler clothing since 2003, with their offerings of Sonic Youth, Billy Bragg, Edgar Allan Poe, the Smiths, Hitchcock and the Clash onesies and even some pieces by artists Meomi and Neko-Chan. Ever wanted to find a Lizzie Borden, Bukowski or Basquiat—all great role models!—shirt for your kid? Look to Baby Wit.

But it's Baby Wit's political tees that have been receiving the most attention and press as of late—one bright yellow romper declares “Obamarama!” while another features a bust of George W. Bush along with the tag line, “President Poopyhead.” Some other favorites include, “My Parents Are Big Gay Liberals,” “No Blood for Mohel!,” and a horned Palin graphic that reads “Pro-Woman, Anti-Palin.” Others feature a hammer and sickle, the ABCs with the A replaced by the anarchy symbol, one that simply reads “Question Authority,” while another says “Another Dissatisfied Customer of the United States of America“—along with a barcode.

Using your kids as your own personal bulletin board? Maybe. But at least everyone'll know your kids' (obviously very liberal and very hip) parents have great taste in music, art and literature.

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