Beats Antique

Bay area world-tronica band Beats Antique are going old school on their newest album—actually, they’re kind of going primordial, with a two-part treatment of the ancient Campbellian hero’s journey called A Thousand Faces. (If you’ve seen Star Wars, you know how the hero’s journey goes.) Although Act 1 ends on something of a musical cliffhanger, with the punny title “Veil of Tears” and a particularly tense Middle Eastern melody over a relentless electronic beat, the rest of the album zig zags from style to style and mood to mood as our character presses ever on. And Les Claypool adds his own unique atmosphere to the song that brings the villain into the light. Act 2 isn’t out as an album yet, but Beats Antique plan to perform plenty of illuminating new material live. So enjoy the rare live music show that deserves a spoiler alert.

Wed., Nov. 13, 8:30 p.m., 2013

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