Beachwood BBQ Will Open Second Restaurant July 5

They day after you've bungled your own Fourth of July barbecue, there will be hope for redemption: Beachwood BBQ has announced its second restaurant will be open for business in downtown Long Beach on Tuesday, July 5.

But this, as we've reported before, is not just a carbon copy of the beloved Seal Beach 'cue joint; it's an upgrade. They've enlisted Julian Shrago, a brewer known for his IPAs, and given him 90 barrels of fermentation space to work with. There will be eight year-round house-crafted brews to supplement the 24 rotating varieties featured on its signature HopCam.

The original Seal Beach store will, of course, be supplied with the grog the Long Beach one produces; and in turn, the Long Beach restaurant will serve the same barbecue the Seal Beach location has been serving for years.

And did you know there's an iPhone app? Yes!

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