Be a Part of The Coathangers Live Album Recording at Alex’s Bar

It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over a decade since the femme punk fury of the Coathangers first entered our lives. Reckless, wild and full of riffs, this Atlanta-bred band took pride in breaking rules and busting eardrums over the course of five full-length albums and their latest Parasite EP. Remaining loyal to their label Suicide Squeeze, the band built their fan base while simultaneously refining their sound to incorporate more stylish song craft and even a surprising dose of pop to temper their distorted wrath. Listening to new songs like “Captain’s Dead,” “Drifter” and “Perfume”, there’s no question that this band’s sound has been on a journey since day one.

That journey led them to Long Beach, their new home away from home for the past few years. The band, led by singer/guitarist Julia Kugel, have gradually immersed themselves in dirty waters of our local music scene, including knocking back shots at their favorite local spot, Alex’s Bar. So it’s not too surprising that the band chose to officially make LBC part of their story by capturing their first show at the bar and recording a live album at Alex’s over two nights on Nov. 9 and 10. And obviously, they want your sexy ass to be there.

The back-to-back free shows at Long Beach’s favorite devil-red dive are your chance to see the band’s history unfold as they play a range of old and new songs. But mostly, it’s your chance to scream as loud and distinctively as you can so you can go back and listen to it and claim “Hey, that was me!”

“We are very excited to record a live album. That’s when we are the are truly ourselves,” the band wrote in a statement.

And that’s not all. Apparently the night will also feature a lineup of “mind mending magic acts, comedy and music.” Both shows will be recorded and compiled into the band’s first live album. It’s definitely a party you don’t wanna miss so make sure to RSVP via the band’s website to secure your spot (free show=lots of mother fuckers showing up).

“We want to share capture the rawness of a live show and wanted to invite people to take part and have it be free. That was very important to us,” the band says. “We are intent on capturing a real moment between us and the audience, a snapshot. There’s no better place than Long Beach since it has been become a second home base for us and it’s our first time playing Alex’s Bar!”

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