Bayron Reyes Lopez, Who Choked Dog Before Smashing It Into Sidewalk, Gets Jail, Probation, Possible Deportation

When sheriff's deputies arrived the morning of Dec. 30 at the Rancho San Clemente Tennis Club in San Clemente where Bayron Reyes Lopez worked as a maintenance man, they found him nude and lying on his stomach in a pool of hot coffee.

On the left is how he posed for his booking photo.

Lopez probably isn't laughing today as he was convicted of killing a dog by slamming its head against a concrete sidewalk numerous times after vandalizing his apartment complex earlier the morning of his arrest.

The 26-year-old, who pleaded guilty to one felony count of animal cruelty and one felony count of vandalism, was sentenced to a year in jail and three years probation.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is also likely to deport Lopez to Mexico after he completes his sentence.

At about 4:30 a.m. on Dec. 30, Lopez used a metal chair to shatter the glass doors to the gym of his apartment complex.

About an hour and half later, he approached a woman who was walking her 5-year-old miniature schnauzer, dog, Kokanee. Lopez raised his arms above his head in a threatening manner and began to yell at the woman, who was frightened and tried to run away from him into the street.

Lopez chased after her, then picked up Kokanee, whose leash had tangled around a street sign pole. Grabbing the dog around the neck with both hands, Lopez choked Kokanee before repeatedly slamming the dog on the concrete sidewalk multiple times.

Kokanee died at the scene.

Lopez fled, but was shortly thereafter discovered taking his hot coffee bath.

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