Barrel-Aged Cocktail in a Flask at Anepalco, Our Drink of (Last) Week!

Cesar Cerrudo is busy finishing the final touches on the cocktail menu for Danny Godínez's long-promised Mercado. But don't the el maestro has let the bar slack over at Anepalco. The holidays have brought some new hooch on the menu—all wonderful, all raza. But lest you dismiss Cerrudo as too Latino-centric, out comes what every mixologist in OC will now copy: a barrel-aged cocktail in a flask.


It's exactly what it sounds like. Anepalco has about a half-dozen cocktails resting snugly inside mini-barrels behind the bar: a strong Negroni, a bright Manhattan, another with rum so sweet it tasted like Godínez's legendary four-leches cake. Order it, and it'll appear in a glass flask, so you and your pals can pour yourself some stiff ones. Each order is about one and a half cocktails, so drink responsibly. And if you hashtag #borrachoproblems enough, Cerrudo just might let you keep the flask once it's emptied—go ahead and try it!

Anepalco, 3737 Chapman Ave., Orange, (714) 456-9642. Instagram: @anepalco

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