Barbara Coe Thinks Asparagus Can Cure Cancer

We usually deal with Barbara Coe–head of the certified hate group California Coalition for Immigration Reform, and one of the most noxious people Orange County has ever spawned (and you know you must be extra-noxious to be near the top of that list)–in our news blog, but ol' Babs does opine on food matters from time to time. Last time we talked, she railed against all ethnic restaurants.

Now? She's suggesting to her minions that an asparagus diet cures cancer.


Last week, she forwarded an article to her minions extolling the virtues of the stalky spears as a cancer fighter. It gave many case studies, cited medical precedent and was even signed by a couple of doctors.

Only problem with this miracle? All false. debunked it years ago. Coe, however, thinks Snopes is a Barack Hussein Obama conspiracy and doesn't find it credible, so take that, science!

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