Barbara Coe Says the Koran Calls for the Mexican Reconquista!

Exposing California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe as a venal, decrepit hater is as easy as finding a Mexican in SanTana, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Consider an email she sent this Tuesday to her minions, where Coe claims the Koran calls for Mexicans to invade and take over the United States.

The topic was the new health care bill, and Coe's take was this: “Is there any argument that OBAMA is a Communist trained, devout Islamic Muslim whose ultimate goal is to comply with Koran mandates to a) torture/kill all 'infidels' and b) destroy America via his anti-American 'healthcare, illegal alien Amnesty, etc'?”

We've written about how Coe believes President Barack Obama is a Manchurian Muslim, but I've never seen her claim the Koran mandates that Mexicans take over the United States. Aren't Mexicans technically “infidels” in Coe's warped Islamic theology? In which Surah?

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