Barbara Coe Joins Dana Rohrabacher-Run Group–Will Dana Boot Her? (Of Course Not)

Crazy deserves crazy, and few people are more insane in Orange County than long-time Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Didn't Serve) and California Coalition for Immigration Reform head Barbara Coe. Dana has started…something called OC Patriots, which I really can't tell what it is because it has a layout straight out of 2004, but I think its his foray into the world of social networks. A scary thought: Dana supporters, mobilized to spread their stupidity across the county.

And leading the charge? Old Babs herself. She signed up literally two hours ago and is urging CCIR members to sign up as well.

“I URGE you all to check out the website, the website established by courageous patriot, U.S. Rep DANA ROHRABACHER,” wrote Coe (as usual, CAPS always in the original).


Of course, Coe is even more loathsome than Rohrabacher–whereas Dana has praised Muslims in the past, Coe thinks they're absolutely evil. Will Dana boot this true hate-monger from his ranks? Of course not, especially since Dana has long supported CCIR–again, crazy deserves crazy. And may God help us all from dying of laughter when they unleash their united pendejadas

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