Barack Obama Protesters at UCI Graduation to be Met by “Welcoming Committee:” Update

See the update under the first flier on Page 2 about “Obama Welcoming Committee” counter-protesters–and their non-supportive message for the president.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 12, 6:08 A.M.: The invitations to Barack Obama's commencement address to UC Irvine students at Anaheim Stadium Saturday are in! No, not the invites for the invitees but for protesters of the so-called “Usurper & Liar-in-Chief.”


Impeach Obama Group Forms to Protest President's UC Irvine Commencement Gig
Barack Obama UC Irvine Commencement Protest Part Deux: This Time It's the Birfers

The sent the Weekly an email, a hard copy letter (It really is 1776!) and a photocopied flier alerting the patriots among us of the looming threat to all that is good and wholesome and oh so very, very Caucasian.

Here's a snippet from that email:

The UCI administration, faculty and students in their infinite wisdom has chosen none other than the fallacious POTUS and megalomaniac, aka Barack Hussein Obama; the most arrogant, most anti-American, un-American, anti-Christian, anti-military, anti-life, deceitful, divisive, race-baiting Marxist to ever occupy our White House. Yes – the man who along with his cabal of Communist miscreants and perverts shreds the Constitution daily and appeases our enemies and insults our allies and the American citizens in his never-ending quest to fundamentally transform America.

What an embarrassment. What an insult to UCI and its students and their families. In fact, what an insult to all freedom-loving Americans.

Obama of course has an impressive resume. One need only ask as to which of the following accomplishments and personal characteristics the UCI Board of Directors and Chancellor were most impressed with and would like to see their graduating seniors emulate?
Obama's failure to ever take responsibility for dangerous policies, blunders and the chaos he has caused.
Obama's failure to ever tell the truth about anything.
Obama's attempt to destroy the 2nd Amendment by turning over deadly weapons to Mexican drug cartels which then murdered hundreds of innocent people.
Obama's killing of American citizens without due process.
Obama's executive order which hid every document relating to his origin and academics.
Obama's destruction of our economy with bogus and needless energy regulations.
Obama's waste of billions of dollars given to campaign donors running renewable energy scams.
Obama's intentional instigation of racial disharmony.
Obama's failure to send help to Americans fighting for their lives in Benghazi.
Obama's felonious fabrication of a birth certificate and selective service registration form.
Obama's use of a SSN issued to a man from Connecticut, born in 1890.
Obama's use of the NSA to spy on American citizens.
Obama's implementation of Obama Care which has forced millions to lose health care coverage and is all about controlling people's lives and gaining access to their financial information and personal finances.
Obama's allowing hundreds of veterans do die waiting for healthcare as he paid bonuses to those responsible.
Obama's use of the IRS and FBI to interfere with the rights of grass roots organizations.
Obama's support for and arming of Islamic terrorists in Syria, Egypt, Libya and the Sudan.
Obama's release of the five murdering Islamic terrorists all of which will kill Americans at the very first opportunity.
Obama's bringing an America hating deserter back home while doing nothing to help a real hero get out of a Mexican hell hole.

On the next page, a scan of the entire flier. Enjoy!

UPDATE, JUNE 13, 11:08 A.M.: A group calling itself the “Obama Welcoming Committee” says it will counter-protest the collection of birfers, teabaggers and teabaggy birfers protesting President Barack Obama's speech at the special 50th anniversary UC Irvine commencement at Angels Stadium Saturday morning.

Commies and Teabaggers Unite … to Blame Obama for Saturday's Snarled OC Traffic

But the counter-protesters are not rabid supporters of ol' Bar either.

Their email to me:

We will be there to protest the Deporter in Chief and challenge the narrative that the far right racists will be bringing.
We are:
We live in an oligarchy, post-modern military police state and we will not
sit by and let these tyrants rip are communities apart with mass
The class war has no border and neither does the working class.


Their Facebook post:


War criminal and sociopath, Barak Obama, will be giving the commencement speech in front of tens of thousands at Angels Stadium in Anaheim.

We will be meeting at 8 am on the corner of Gene Autrey Way and State College. TSA security for those attending the ceremony begins at 630am.
The Tea party and Far right wingers will be there around 11 so if you can't make it early come later and help us change the narrative of their protest.

Obama's Speech is from 12:05-12:40

Their flier:

Email: mc****@oc******.com. Twitter: @MatthewTCoker. Follow OC Weekly on Twitter @ocweekly or on Facebook!

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