Bar Crawl In Progress: Little Sparrow Cafe Opens in Santa Ana

Remember two weeks ago, when I mentioned that we were just a bar or two short of a real honest-to-God bar crawl in downtown Santa Ana, one that only requires taxis at the start and end?

Well, chalk up another craft cocktail bar and restaurant: Little Sparrow Café will be opening in what was formerly the Santa Ana Café, a dusty luncheonette on the corner of 3rd and Main. (The new tenancy was originally going to be called Floral Park, but after careful reflection, they changed the name to something better. Are you listening over there at the maybe-it's-supposed-to-be-ironic Volstead?)


Little Sparrow be open today for breakfast and lunch, and will be opening on Tuesday the 21st for dinner and cocktails. I've had bartender Joe Valdovinos' cocktails at Roxanne's in Long Beach, and the man knows how to make a great drink. The food menu for the dinner service isn't fully done yet, but it looks like it's going to be American classics; their Facebook page had a picture of a good-looking Iowa pork chop.

If you need me after next week, I'll be the big dude stumbling through down La Cuatro alternately bawling out “Cucurrucucú Paloma” and screaming unintelligibly about amari.

Little Sparrow is located at 300 N. Main St., Santa Ana; 714-265-7640;

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