Banh Mi Cho Cu Goes 'Mua 2 Tang 1'

The sign above–taken under poor lighting conditions as we headed up Magnolia last night–announces great news for lovers of the Vietnamese sandwich: Banh Mi Cho Cu is now offering the same “buy 2, get 1 free” special for which its chief rival, Banh Mi Che Cali, is known.

We chose Banh Mi Cho Cu as “Best Sandwich at 5 a.m.” last year, and it ranks in the top three of the dozens of places to get charcuterie on crusty rolls in Orange County. That it's now an even bigger stone-cold bargain than it was only adds to its cachet. Three sandwiches for five bucks? No wonder there's no banh mi truck selling $6.50 sandwiches in OC.
The rest of the sign, incidentally, says that one of the house specials is steamed rice paper with sprouts and herbs and that it sells all types of fruit shakes and boba drinks.

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