Bacon Brothers

There isn’t anyone with the money and charm or at least industry pull to make this happen, but if brothers Kevin and Michael Bacon—yes, Kevin of the original Footloose and Michael of being the brother of Kevin—ever wanted to collide two worlds and leave nothing but sizzling space dust behind, they should do a Robyn Hitchcock cover. Like Hitchcock, the Bacons like a good joke, like to really hammer at an acoustic guitar and could be persuaded to get a little heavy (most likely through deep explorations of Dr. John’s catalog, whose New Orleans-style funk/soul surely somehow informs their own “forosoco” music, which is “funk-rock-soul-country”). Laugh now, but in a world where GOP presidential candidates are committed Captain Beefheart fans, it’s not impossible. Otherwise, enjoy the easiest-to-swallow riff on blue-eyed Stax-y soul ever put to tape.

Fri., Sept. 30, 8 p.m., 2011

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