Bacon and Angst

Some of the most memorable moments in cinematic history: the door shutting just in time for a stunned Annie Hall to catch a glimpse of Clemenza anointing Michael the next Don; the reunion atop the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, six months later; Travis Bickle practicing his smooth gun-drawing moves in front of the mirror; an eyeball being sliced by a straight-edge razor. And Allison Reynolds (played by Ally Sheedy) shaking dandruff “snow” onto a penciled landscape drawing. Just one of a slew of coming-of-age films by John Hughes in the '80s, The Breakfast Club has become a cult classic-and influenced about three dozen reincarnations in the years to come. If you're unfamiliar (and how could you be?), the film follows the lives of five kids who meet for the first time in detention. There was the popular girl, the athlete, the nerd, the troublemaker and the recluse, and chances are, you found at least one character onscreen you could identify with. Head to Classic Film Wednesdays to relive that dreamy romance with Claire (Molly Ringwald) that never played out-but we all know Allison was the real hot one anyway.
Wed., May 14, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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